Elaine Barnard


Set in the turbulent 1950s, REACHING OUT is the shattering tale of the betrayal of friendship and its tragic effect on two families who have been best friends for years.

All the stories in this collection were previously published in the following literary journals: Lowestoft Chronicle, Anak Sastra, carte blanche, Apple Valley, Southword, Mandala, Litter Box, Cyclamens & Swords, Lost River Review, Kyso, Emerge, Literary Hatchet, Diverse Voices, Timber Creek , The Storyteller, Writers Forum, Sage, Pearl, R.KV.RY, Kalliope, Reflections

Selected Works

REACHING OUT-a novel PERIPHERY-a collection of short stories
A collection of short stories inspired by those on the outside, the periphery of life.

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